Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling

Program Degree Major Code Admissions
Term Deadline
Master’s MS CRMH Fall* April 12, 2022
Fall Graduate School Fellowships December 14, 2021 (Recommended)
Director of Graduate Admissions Dara Chan, Eniko Rak (
Address Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling
CB# 7205, 4104 Bondurant Hall
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Phone 919-966-8788
Test Requirements
GRE (general) score within last 5 years
Letters of Recommendation 3
International Applicants Only TOEFL or IELTS score (no more than two years old)
Other Requirements

In addition to the University’s required application materials, applicants should review the information below for additional expectations or application requirements.

You are required to submit as part of the application the following 3 documents:

  • Transcripts for all colleges and universities attended
  • Personal Statement
  • Six Supplemental Questions. Please type your responses to the following 6 questions to help us determine the match between you and our program. Your responses need not be elaborate, but should be sufficient to provide a direct response to the question. You must respond to all questions.
  1. Identify three aspects of rehabilitation and mental health counseling of particular interest to you that distinguishes them from other helping professions.
  2.  What personal experiences or significant life events can you recall which affirm your suitability to prepare for and practice the profession of rehabilitation and mental health counseling?
  3.  What major skills and competencies do you possess which will allow you to successfully complete a two-year graduate program?
  4.  Leadership opportunities are available including being a group representative or student ambassador that help to foster professional leadership qualities. What skills and experience would you bring in fulfilling leadership roles like these for the program?
  5.  What are your professional goals, research interests and future ambitions for a career in rehabilitation and mental health counseling?
  6.  The program has specialty area for two disability groups. Describe your interests or background that would complement a specialization in working with persons with developmental disabilities or psychiatric disabilities, or both?

*Only in unusual circumstances and after consultation with the program are other admission terms considered.