Health Behavior

Programs Degrees Major Codes Admissions
Term Deadline
Doctoral PhD HBEH Fall* March 14, 2023**
Fall Graduate School Fellowships December 13, 2022 (Recommended)
Director of Graduate Admissions Shelley Golden, Director of Doctoral Admissions (
Graduate Coordinator Yolanda Childs (
Address Health Behavior
CB# 7440, 358C Rosenau Hall
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Website Department of Health Behavior
Phone 919-966-2499
Test Requirements
GRE not required
Letters of Recommendation 3
International Applicants Only TOEFL or IELTS score (no more than two years old)
Other Requirements In addition to the University’s required application materials, applicants should review the information below for additional expectations or application requirements.

Descriptions of the degree programs are available here:

Submitting Applications

Two-Step Application Process
**For the PhD, Step 1 – SOPHAS application must be submitted by December 1, 2022.
Step 2 – Graduate School supplemental application deadline is March 14, 2023.


SOPHAS application requirements

This is a two-step process.  All applicants should apply directly to SOPHAS at Once your SOPHAS application has been received by UNC-Chapel Hill, you will receive an email in 3-5 business days with instructions for completing the UNC Graduate School supplemental application. Most information will be imported from SOPHAS; however, you will be asked to answer residency and honor code questions, upload a copy of your unofficial transcripts and pay The Graduate School application fee. Applicants who complete only the SOPHAS application will not be considered for admission.

**Applicants must complete the SOPHAS application and submit all required documents by December 1, 2022. The application includes:

  • Coursework details (entered by applicant)
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation (enter names and email addresses of recommenders, SOPHAS will email them the form and deadlines)
  • CV or resume
  • Responses to UNC supplemental questions
  • Official transcripts from all coursework, including study abroad and non-degree courses (must be sent to SOPHAS)
  • Statement of purpose (see details below)

Statement of Purpose

Please upload a double-spaced statement of purpose of up to 1500 words. The essay should address the following:

  1. Explain how your academic and personal background contribute to your understanding of the science of health behavior to promote public health.
  2. Describe your research experience in health behavior or other fields related to public health. Describe your prior training or experience with quantitative methods (for example, statistics class, quantitative data analysis) and scientific writing (for example, completing a Master’s thesis, writing a research article for publication). Indicate your role(s) in conducting research and any research products such as papers and conference presentations. Describe any other experience in public health, health behavioral science or related fields you believe is relevant. You may also ask your recommenders to comment on these areas, and your overall research experience, in their reference letters.
  3. Tell us about research interests you would like to pursue during your doctoral studies. You can view a list of recent doctoral research dissertations here:
  4. Outline your long-term career goals and how receiving training in our doctoral program could advance them.
  5. Indicate up to 3 faculty you would be interested in working with and why. You can search for faculty who work in your area(s) of interest here: as well as view faculty’s full research profiles here:
  6. Optional: As you are comfortable, describe how you will contribute to the diversity of the student body.
  7. Optional: Include information about any extenuating circumstances that might be reflected in your application materials that you would like to share with the admissions committee.

*For all programs, the department only admits students in the Fall semester.