Marine Sciences



Program Degree Major Code Admissions
Term Deadline
Master’s MS MASC Fall* June 13, 2023
Doctoral PhD MASC Fall* June 13, 2023
Fall Graduate School Fellowships December 13, 2022  (Recommended)
Director of Graduate Admissions Johanna Rosman (
Graduate Coordinator Violet Anderson, Student Services Manager (
Address Department of Marine Sciences
CB# 3300, 3202 Venable Hall
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3300
Phone 919-962-1252
Test Requirements
GRE not required
Letters of Recommendation 3
International Applicants Only TOEFL or IELTS score (no more than two years old)
Other Requirements In addition to the University’s required application materials, applicants should review the information below for additional expectations or application requirements.

Your application must be completed by December 13, 2022 to receive full consideration for departmental financial support.

In the Plans for Graduate Study section of the application:

Select a degree. To select the correct degree program for you, please do one of the following:

Applicants who will not have already earned a Masters Degree in Marine Sciences or a closely related field when they enter the UNC-Chapel Hill Marine Sciences Program may select either Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy.  If you are certain that you want to earn an M.S. Degree as your terminal degree at UNC-Chapel Hill, then you should select Master of Science.  If you plan to ultimately earn a Ph.D. at UNC-Chapel Hill, either by first completing the M.S. program here or by earning an M.S. Bypass, you should select Doctor of Philosophy.  If you are unsure of your final degree at UNC-Chapel Hill, then you should select Doctor of Philosophy.

Applicants who will have already earned a Masters Degree in Marine Sciences or a closely related field when they enter the UNC-Chapel Hill Marine Sciences Program, select Doctor of Philosophy.

Select an Area of Interest or Specialization.  From the list below, select an area that you most identify with and are interested in pursuing as a graduate student.

  • Aquatic Biogeochemical Processes
  • Biological Oceanography
  • Chemical Ecology
  • Chemical Oceanography
  • Coastal Fluid Dynamics
  • Marine & Coastal Geology
  • Marine Ecology
  • Marine Geochemistry
  • Marine Organic Geochemistry
  • Microbial Ecology & Molecular Biology
  • Physical Oceanography & Meteorology

More than one area may be selected.  Please choose ‘Other’ if your area of specialization is not listed.

In the Statement of Purpose section of the application, upload a written statement (about 1000 words) that includes the following: (a) your reasons for wanting to do graduate work in marine sciences; (b) how your background has prepared you for working in this field; (c) your academic and research accomplishments; (d) your specific research interests; and (e) your career and future goals.

In the Faculty Interest section of the application, list UNC-Chapel Hill Faculty whose research you find particularly relevant to your own academic and research interests.  This does not limit you, should you later learn of other research projects or Faculty. Information about faculty and their research can be found at

*Only in unusual circumstances and after consultation with the department is Spring admission considered.