Online Global Health Certificate

Program Degree Major Code Admissions
Term Deadline
Online Global Health Certificate CERT CERPGHC Spring December 4, 2023
Program Coordinator Gillings School of Global Public Health
Public Health Leadership Program
Attn: Business Office
221 Rosenau Hall, Campus Box 8165Chapel Hill, NC 27599-8165
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Letters of Recommendation Not Required
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The purpose of the Online Global Health Certificate is to prepare students to work in changing environments and with diverse populations, and to respond competently to health challenges presented by permeable geographic and cultural boundaries.

Statement of Purpose Page: Statement of Purpose Upload

Your application requires a personal statement to be uploaded in Word doc or PDF as part of your package. Your written statement is a critical component of your application and can sometimes be the determining factor in your admission. Please note that no work experience or interview is required for admission. Your statement should answer the following question in no more than 2 pages single space:

  • State your interest in applying for this program.
  • Explain how the Global Health certificate will be of value to you.
  • Describe any experience you have had with online learning. No worries if no experience with distance education.
  • Ten-twelve hours of student work per course, per week are required for successful course completion. Describe how you will schedule that time.
  • If you will be working full-time, explain what mechanisms you have or can put in place to ensure that you will be able to handle the demands of both work and school. Specifically, please indicate the support your supervisor has offered and whether release from work/school is available.
  • Describe what contributions you would like to make to this certificate program.
  • Please list all college level math courses you have taken–(honors courses taken in high school can be included).

Please remember to include your expectations from the Online Global Health Certificate program and how do you foresee earning a Certificate in Global Health will help strengthen your education and professional growth?

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Academics Page: Transcript Upload


Thank you again for your interest in our Online Global Health Certificate Program