Program Degree Major Code Admissions
Term Deadline
Doctoral PHD PSYC
December 14, 2021
Fall Graduate School Fellowships December 14, 2021 (Recommended)
Academic Program Aid/Financial Assistance December 14, 2021
Director of Graduate Admissions Dr. Keith Payne (
Graduate Coordinator Rachel Mintel (
Address Department of Psychology
CB# 3270, Davie Hall
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Phone 919-843-0174
Test Requirements
GRE not required
Letters of Recommendation 3
International Applicants Only TOEFL or IELTS score (no more than two years old)
Other Requirements

In addition to the University’s required application materials, applicants should review the information below for additional expectations or application requirements.

Statement of Purpose:

Please answer the following four questions, in 250 words or less each.

Why do you aspire to earn a Ph.D. and why do you want to pursue your training at UNC? Explain how you expect graduate school will contribute to your career goals and what you plan to do with your degree.

Consider the program or programs to which you applied in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at UNC; what about this area of research interests you and motivates your desire to pursue graduate studies?

What knowledge, skills, or experiences do you have that will ensure your success in graduate school?

How does your cultural, ethnic or personal background bring a unique perspective to the graduate program?

Area of Interest:  Please select an Area of Interest/Specialization via the drop-down box within your application.  Note that our program offers training in six sub-disciplines (i.e., Behavioral and Integrative Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, and Social Psychology), as well as a Dual program option for applicants who wish to pursue training in two of these areas simultaneously.  

Letters of Recommendation:  Three letters of recommendation are required.  This is the suggested number in most cases.  If an applicant feels that an additional letter is necessary to make the case for his or her admission, four may be submitted.  All recommendation letters must be submitted electronically through the UNC Graduate School’s online application system.  We will not accept letters of recommendation via email or mail. 

Faculty Interest:  Please list at least one (and no more than five) core faculty members you believe can serve as your primary mentor.

The Psychology Department admits only applicants whose objective is the Ph.D., although students may be awarded the M.A. en route to the Ph.D. Admission is limited to the Fall semester only.

Please visit the Psychology Department’s admissions page for more information.

*Only in unusual circumstances and after consultation with the program are other admission terms considered.